Invoice accounting

No more worrying that your customers’ credit lines take an unnecessary toll on your company’s growth. Once you decide to use SWIFT Factoring for your invoice discounting, you’ll have at least 80 % of the amount due at your disposal within 24 hours.

Invoice discounting and financial status

The amount you have at your disposal once we have bought your invoice depends on the individual customer and their financial status. Naturally, we check your customers thoroughly before entering into an agreement with you.

Before you sell your first invoice to us, we agree on a fee for the transaction. Afterwards, you will have the money at your disposal within 24 hours. We usually pay our customers between 80 and 100 % of their amount due.

How to get started

Send invoice to your client

Your client accepts the invoice

We purchase your invoice

We pay out the invoice to you

Short about Invoice Accounting

Invoice discounting provides economic latitude and increases your company’s development and growth opportunities, giving you the means to ensure future deliveries to your customers. It is the alpha and omega of best practice companies to constantly adapt to market needs.

Why invoice discounting and not a bank credit line?

The most significant and interesting difference between invoice discounting and financing using your own bank is that in some situations the bank will ask for a floating charge before extending your credit line. When you choose invoice discounting, we take out a deposit in your debtor – not your business.

Here are some of the specific advantages to invoice discounting

Increased cash flow and economic latitude

Avoid deposits held against your company

You can pay your suppliers without delay - and without waiting for your customers to pay

Time for your core business and development

Save on currency change charges

We rate your customers’ credit for you

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