General Data Policy

The general data policy below is in force from 10 September 2019 at Swift Factoring ApS.


The present document concerning the registration and treatment of personal data (hereinafter the Policy) describes how Swift Factoring ApS, Danish CVR-no. 37 61 92 99, (hereinafter Swift Factoring) as data controller handles your personal data when you sign up at Swift Factoring’s website and/or apply to become a user of Swift Factoring’s main services (hereinafter the Product). Once you relinquish your personal data to Swift Factoring, you explicitly agree to the application of this Policy.

What personal data does Swift Factoring gather and for what purpose?

Swift Factoring Product users agree to Swift Factoring, for the utilisation of setting up your company and/or setting up invoice sales, registering personal data pertaining to you, including email-address, name, address, telephone number and bank account information, the present list is not exhaustive (hereinafter Customer Data).

What forms the basis of Swift Factoring’s treatment?

Registration of your Customer Data is necessary for Swift Factoring to perform its main service as well as fulfil all current legal requirements under which Swift Factoring performs its services, i.e. in relation to business activities. Swift Factoring is subject to the Danish law on money laundering prevention, which provides specific demands as to the storage of Swift Factoring’s customers’ personal data.

Does Swift Factoring pass on your personal data to others?

Swift Factoring does not pass on your personal data to third parties un less you as a user have provided express consent to such action.

Swift Factoring utilises third parties as suppliers to deliver Swift Factoring’s main service in the best possible fashion. These third parties are sometimes called data controllers, and in some cases they treat your personal data in relation to their delivery of services for Swift Factoring. Swift Factoring’s data controllers solely utilise your personal data according to Swift Factoring’s instructions and in accordance with legislative requirements to data controllers.

How long does Swift Factoring store your personal data?

Swift Factoring keep your personal data to the extent required by law, i.e. in the instance of the Danish law on money laundering prevention.

As a registrant, what rights do you have?

The rights below are the starting point for you as a registrant, but are subject to any other legislation cf. paragraph 23 in the Danish Data Protection Act. However, cf. the Danish Data Protection Act, paragraph 14, section 3, there are exceptions in which the right to be deleted is limited, e.g. if further storage of data is necessary to uphold a legal obligation. This is the case according to the Danish Data Protection Act, Paragraph 30, Section 2.

Your rights include the following:

  1. You are entitled to gain insight into what personal data Swift Factoring treat, for what purpose Swift Factoring treat this data and if Swift Factoring pass on your personal data to third parties.
  2. You are entitled to rectify any incorrect personal data.
  3. In some cases, you are entitled to have certain personal data deleted.
  4. You are entitled to have your personal data moved.
  5. In some cases, you are entitled to have the treatment of your personal data limited, in such a fashion that Swift Factoring can only store your personal data for a specific period of time.
  6. You are entitled to so-called data portability of the personal data you have handed over to Swift Factoring, insofar as it concerns the personal data, Swift Factoring has gathered based on your consent, or if Swift Factoring need to use your personal data to fulfil a contract with you.
  7. In some cases, you are entitled to object to Swift Factoring’s treatment of your personal information based on causes and conditions pertaining to your specific situation.
  8. You can at any time recant your consent with the exception of this action being against Swift Factoring upholding the Danish Data Protection Act.

Should you wish to examine the possibility of utilising your rights, or if you have any questions or comments relating to this Policy, please contact us at

Should you wish to complain about Swift Factoring’s treatment of your data, please contact or contact the Danish Data Protection Agency (