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Invoice accounting

Optimise your cash position with invoice discounting

Use SWIFT Factoring to optimise your cash position by selling your invoices to us. Once we take over your invoice it is money in the bank for you right away – now, you do not have to wait for your customers to pay.

How to get started

Send invoice to your client

Your client accepts the invoice

We purchase your invoice

We pay out the invoice to you

Short about Invoice Accounting

Invoice discounting provides economic latitude and increases your company’s development and growth opportunities, giving you the means to ensure future deliveries to your customers. It is the alpha and omega of best practice companies to constantly adapt to market needs.

Strengthen your company’s growth with invoice discounting

But development requires time and money. We can help you with the latter – time is for you to find, but then that will get easier once your economic latitude enables you to buy out your employees to work solely on developments.

Contact us today and get the gist of how you can use invoice discounting in your company.

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